RED's HOUSTON '84 Tournament Poster

THIS CLASSIC and COLLECTIBLE Poster is unique and fun.  Red's Houston Tournament was a famous event and drew almost all the legends of pool together at one place and time.  This poster is a caricature of all the champions and hustlers who came and competed!  Howard Vickery, Jimmy Reid, Minnesota Fats, Larry Hubbard, Mike Sigel, Steve Mizerak, Cole Dickson, Dan Louie, Ray Martin, Ronnie Allen, Buddy Hall, Grady Mathews, Jim Rempe, Al Romero, Jay Swanson, Howard Aikida, Jimmy Moore, Allen Hopkins, Sammy Jones, Nick Varner, Dave Piona, David Howard, UJ Puckett, John Miller, Mike Massey, Jersey Red, Youngblood, Bubba, and promoter Red Wallins.  This poster is 36 inches wide and 24 inches high and comes with an additional 8.5 x 11 copy of the poster that has the names of all the players so you'll know who is who.  (the full size poster does not have names on it!)  Get your copy before the price goes up!   $24.95 (H84)


by Diana Hoppe

CORRECTION:  This photo is 13" by 19"...NOT the 13" by 9" as reported in a recent Bebob Flash!

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Road Scholars: Stories and Secrets from the Greatest Road Hustlers, Diana Hoppe has released a commemorative photo taken at the video shoot.  The photo contains all eleven road hustlers along with reproduced signatures from each player.  The players are Billy Incardona, Freddy "The Beard" Bentivegna, Wade Crane, Grady Mathews, Ed Kelly, Ronnie Allen, Vernon Elliott, Truman Hogue, Danny Diliberto, Jimmy Reid, and Jimmy Fusco.  The image is a 13 X 19 color glossy and all signatures are reproduced.  $49.95  (RS08)

PS. An original signed photo with original signatures goes for $1000.   If you think you can track down your own signatures from each of these can get an unsigned copy of this photo for $200.  Just give us a call at 734-462-9500.


by Bob Henning

This 22" by 28" poster is the original cue ball map.  It is drawn to scale and shows where to hit the cue ball to get the desired results.  It graces the walls of fine billiard rooms around the world, both home and commercial.  There are very few of these first run prints available.  Very cool.  $15.95  (VOC)