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New 5-DISK DVD Set -  from Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett. It contains over 175 drills and challenges in 30 different categories.  It is an organized program and pool workout with all new and original video footage. It is designed to help you develop, assess, and track progress of skills in all aspects of your game.  $135  (VEPP)

Disc I - Fundamentals and Basic CB Control:  Preliminaries and Fundamentals - training aids, using the “little white donuts,” using the “ring” target, using the ball target, stroke fundamentals review, stroke on line check, short MOFUDAT, long MOFUDAT, stroke balls into pocket, stroke rail-frozen balls into pocket, straight-in visual alignment drill.  Aiming and Cut Shots - ghost-ball, visualization, ghost-ball drill, pre-shot routine, five different PP cut drills, drill from both sides, rail cut shot drill.  Speed Control - speed control examples, lag drill, successive touch shot challenge drill, repeated touch shot challenge drill,  “pocket speed” drill, angled "pocket speed" drill.  Stop Shot - stop shot examples, stop-shot spin visualization,  three different PP stop shot drills.  Follow Shot - follow shot examples, five different PP follow shot drills.  Draw Shot - draw shot examples, draw technique review, beginner draw drill, five different PP draw drills, "ring around the side" drill, “circle of balls” drill, "draw to the cushion" challenge drill, "race to the cushion" draw challenge drill, "repeated draw" challenge drill.  Follow and Draw - follow and draw challenge into the side, run through and stun back drill

Disc II - Position Control and English:  CB Control Basics - CB control examples, PP stun shot drill “4A”, “5A”, PP stun-hold challenge drill, thin cut speed-control drill, repeated-follow challenge drill, no-rail-contact grid-of-balls drill,  Wagon Wheel Drills - CB reference lines, wagon wheel drill with BIH, with ½-ball hit, Basic Target Practice - “card trick” for defining drill positions, stun-follow-draw target drill.  English Basics - english examples, english-off-the-short-rail drill, english-across-the-table drill, inside-follow two-rail-position speed control drill, outside-draw two-rail-position speed control drill, english wagon wheel drill off short rail with small angle, english wagon wheel drill off short rail with large angle.  English Effects - english effects examples, SIT CB hold challenge drill, running english rail-cut-shot challenge drill.  Position Control Basics - position control examples, grid target drill, break-and-run target drill, pocket hanger target practice, Advanced Target Practice - one-rail target drill, two-rail target drill, three-rail target drill.  Center-of-Table Position - side pocket center-of-table target drill, corner pocket center-of-table target drill.  Position Control Challenges - pocket cheating drill, foot line-of-balls drill, progressive “L” drill, 4-ball middle-diamond position drill, rail cut shot challenge drill, head and foot lines of balls drill.

Disc II - Patterns and Safety Play:  9-ball and 8-ball Progressive Practice - progressive 9-ball drill – level 1 & 2, progressive 8-ball drill – level 1 & 2.  9-ball Pattern Drills - introduction and preparation, twelve different 9-ball pattern drills.  8-ball Pattern Drills - twelve different 8-ball pattern drills..  Safety Play - safety examples, lateral-hide safety drill, angled-hide safety drill, natural-angle equal-separation-distance safety drill, hide-behind-target safety drill.

Disc IV - Banks, Kicks, and Advanced Shots:  One-Rail Kicks - example kick shots, rolling-CB one-rail kick-to-corner drill, rolling-CB line-of-balls one-rail kick drill, kick-angle-range drill, rolling-CB shallow-angle kick drill, firm-stun shallow-angle kick drill, line-of-balls mirror kick drill.  Two-Rail Kicks - Plus System,  two-cushion -kick-to-corner drill, two-cushion-kick-to-balls-along-the-rail drill.  Three-Rail Kicks - Corner-5 System, tracks-to-corner drill, third-rail-targets-from-corner drill, third-rail-target-from-different-positions drill, repeated-kick-to-corner drill, perpetual kick challenge drill.  Banks - bank shot examples, line-of-balls bank drill, cross-side bank cut-angle-effects drill, cross-corner bank cut-angle-effects drill, bank line-of-balls position drill, bank-to-all-pockets challenge drill.  Jacked-up Shots - over-obstacle-ball drill, elevated-draw-off-rail drill.  Jump Shots - progressive gap jump drill, progressive height jump drill, progressive distance jump drill.  Massé Shots - progressive masse shot drill, soft masse speed-control drill.

Disc V - Challenges, Games, and Advice:  Rating and Challenge Drills - “Playing the Ghost” progressive challenge, 9-ball points rating drill, 9-ball break drill, Hopkins Q-Skill challenge rating drill, Fargo rating drill, Equal Offense challenge drill.  Drills For Special Skills - safety challenge drill, “Loop” carom drill, combination and carom drill.  Custom Drills - thin-hit rail-cut shot with English, small-angle rail-cut shot with stun across the table, run-out practice redos.  Checking out a Table - lag shot, maximum spin reaction, stop shots, draw shots, maximum throw, multiple-rail position shots, rolling-CB kick adjustment, 3-to-1 fast-speed reference bank check, Plus System benchmark shot, Corner-5 System benchmark shot, slow-roll “roll-off” checks, full check-out routine.


With almost 750 shots, this set of five DVDs from Dr. Dave and World Class Pool Instructor Tom Ross features useful information that every player should know.  The video footage also includes extensive online resource support. Each disc contains real shots with real people revealing all of pool's secrets. Learn the shots you need to get out of trouble, how to be more creative, and how to win more games. This is a good resource for serious pool players and instructors and is easily organized to help you quickly find the information you need. Elevate your game to the next level!

#1 Basic Shot Making and Position  -  cut shots, stun shots, follow shots, draw shots, cue ball direction control, cue ball speed control, avoiding a scratch, combination shots, carom shots, and billiard shots.  Contains 160 shots - one hour and 27 minutes.

#2 English and Position Control  - English effects and aim correction, rail cut shots, cue ball path control, basic position shots, advanced position play shots, center-of-table position shots, straight-in position shots, object ball hanger cue ball path control, multiple-rail position shots, an more.  184 different shots - one hour and 39 minutes.

#3 Safety Play and Strategy  - defensive and offensive safeties, safety replies, ball-in-hand options, general strategy, rail-first shots, clearance and cluster break-out shots and more.  127 shots - one hour and 15 minutes.

#4 Banks, Kicks, and Advanced Shots  - fundamentals, one-rail kick shots, multiple-rail kick shots, frozen-ball shots, frozen-rail shots, ticky shots, double-kiss shots, kiss-back shots, throw shots, spin-transfer shots, and more.  136 shots - one hour and 50 minutes. 

#5 Skill and Specialty Shots  -  power shots, jump shots, masse shots, break shots, cushion and point compression shots, pocket point and wall shots, game run-out examples, fouls, and more.  One hour and 29 minutes - 135 different shots.  (VEP)

$135 for the set of Five  


The Illustrated Principles of Pool & Billiards - DVD

 This DVD is based on the book and contains narrated video demonstrations of various pool and billiards techniques and principles, narrated descriptions of various illustrations, and super-slow-motion video clips filmed with a special high-frame-rate video camera.  This DVD will help you learn everything from the fundamentals (stance, stroke, aiming methods, etc.) to advanced techniques (English, carom shots, jump and masse shots, etc.)  It’s an hour and 12 minutes of illustrations, examples, tips, and demonstrations with over 100video demonstrations and super-slow-motion video clips.    $24.95   (IPPd)