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This new three DVD set from Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett is all about aiming. It covers a variety of cut-shot systems, how to aim for english, how to aim specialty shots, and systems for aiming kick and bank shots. In a multi-disk set. $79   (HAPS)

Vol. I – Aiming Systems Basics - Pre-shot routine, “seeing the angle,” ghost-ball aiming. Adjusting for cut-induced throw. Alternative aiming systems - point-to-point or parallel-lines, double-the-distance, double-the-overlap, fractional-ball, bisect-pivot-and-shift. Aiming With Sidespin.

Vol. 2 - Aiming Specialty Shots - Carom Shots - 30-degree-rule, trisect-system draw-shot carom, ball-in-hand aiming, etc. Kiss Shots - small-gap kiss, wired kiss, f90-degree-rule, etc. Combination Shots - Ghost-ball aiming, frozen combination throw, playing for position, etc. Rail Cut Shots - cushion-first running english, english for position, running vs. reverse english. Elevated Cue Shots - over a ball, frozen to cushion, masse shot aiming, jump shot, etc.

Vol. 3 – Aiming Kick and Bank Shots - Visual equal-distance rolling-CB kicks, mirroring the CB or OB, rail-groove mirror, two-to-one kicking system. Bank Shot Aiming Systems - visual equal-distance rolling-OB through-diamond, 3-to-1 fast-speed reference bank, rail groove mirror banking system, etc.


With almost 750 shots, this five DVD set from Dr. Dave and Tom Ross features useful information that every player should know.  Learn the shots you need to get out of trouble, how to be more creative, and win more games. In a multi-disk set  $129   (VEP)

#1 Basic Shot Making and Position  -  cut shots, stun shots, follow shots, draw shots, cue ball direction control, cue ball speed control, avoiding a scratch, combination shots, carom shots, and billiard shots.  Contains 160 shots - one hour and 27 minutes.

#2 English and Position Control  - English effects and aim correction, rail cut shots, cue ball path control, basic and advanced position play shots, center-of-table position shots, straight-in position shots, multiple-rail and more.  184 shots - one hour and 39 minutes.

#3 Safety Play and Strategy  - defensive and offensive safeties, safety replies, ball-in-hand options, general strategy, rail-first shots, clearance and cluster break-out shots and more.  127 shots - one hour and 15 minutes.

#4 Banks, Kicks, and Advanced Shots  - one-rail kick shots, multiple-rail kick shots, frozen-ball shots, frozen-rail shots, ticky shots, double-kiss shots, kiss-back shots, throw shots, spin-transfer shots, and more.  136 shots - one hour and 50 minutes. 

#5 Skill and Specialty Shots  -  power shots, jump shots, masse shots, break shots, cushion and point compression shots, pocket point and wall shots, game run-out examples, fouls, and more.  One hour and 29 minutes - 135 different shots.  






5-DISK DVD Set -  from Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett. Over 175 drills and challenges in 30 different categories.  Designed to help you develop, assess, and track progress of skills in all aspects of your game. In a multi-disk set  $129  (VEPP)

#1 Fundamentals and Basic CB Control  -  Preliminaries and Fundamentals review,   Aiming and Cut Shots - ghost-ball drill, pre-shot routine.  Speed Control - successive drills, etc.  Stop Shot, Follow Shot and Draw Shot drills,  One hour and five minutes.

#2 Position Control and English - CB Control Basic drills - Wagon Wheel Drills - CB reference lines, etc.  Basic Target Practice - English Basics -  English Effects - Position Control Basics and drills - Advanced Target Practice - one, two, and three-rail drills.   Center of Table Position - Position Control Challenges - pocket cheating drill, etc.

#3 Patterns and Safety Play  9-ball and 8-ball Progressive Practice - 9-ball Pattern Drills - 8-ball Pattern Drills - twelve different 8-ball pattern drills.  Safety Play - lateral-hide safety drill, angled-hide safety drill, hide-behind-target safety drill, etc.

#4 Banks, Kicks, and Advanced Shots - One, Two, Three Rail Kick drills - Plus System, etc.  Banks - Cross-side, cross-corner, etc. - Jacked-up Shots - over-obstacle, off-rails.  Jump Shots - progressive gap and height drills. -  Massé Shot drills.

#5 Challenges, Games, and Advice Rating and Challenge Drills - “Playing the Ghost,” 9-ball points rating drill, etc.  Drills For Special Skills - combination and carom.  Custom Drills - Checking out a Table - lag shot, maximum spin, maximum throw, etc.


5-DISK DVD Set -  "Contains 274 knowledge-packed minutes of solid, useful material for 8-ball players. This is not baby stuff. Lots of depth and strategic insight...Get these videos and stop giving away so many 8 Ball games.” Tom Simpson – Master Instructor   -  In a multi-disk set  $129  (VEEB)

#1 Game Strategy - 1. Game Strategies - a) post-break analysis - b) opening-shot options - c) choosing key balls - d) position planning - e) solving problems - f) safeties and two-way shots. 47 Minutes.

#2 Position Play and Shot Types  - 2. Position Play - 3. Combination Shots - 4. Carom Shots - 5. Kiss Shots - 6. Cluster Shots - 7. Kick and Bank Shots - 8. Throw Shots.  One hour and ten minutes..

#3 Safety Play  - 9. Defensive Safeties - 10. Offensive Safeties - 11. Safety Replies - 12. Ball-In-Hand Options.  One hour and one minute.

#4  Advanced Play and Strategy  - 13. Jump Shots - 14. Break Shot - 15. End-Game Situations - 16. Rules and Fouls.  48 minutes.

#5  Run-Out Examples  - 17. Run-Out Examples - a) racks 1-5 - b) racks 6-10 - c) racks 11-15 - d) racks 16-20 - 18. Critical-Shot Examples - a) position shots - b) break outs - c) kisses.  48 minutes.


THIS 3-DISK DVD Set  is on techniques, aiming systems, cue ball control, powerful breaking, advice, guidance, and hot tips on how to practice and learn strategies. In a multi-disk set  $79   (BU)

#1 Basics and the BU Process - Fundamentals - pre-shot routine, stance, and stroke. Covers the exam process in detail. A complete “How To” guide for getting a BU diploma. One hour and four minutes.

#2 Exam I: Fundamentals - Covers cut-shot aiming systems. and cue-ball control concepts in detail. Demonstrates Exam I, the Fundamentals Exam, in detail. Lot's of instruction, hot tips, and examples to do well. One hour and four minutes.

#3 Exam II: Skills - Kick and bank shot aiming and pattern play. Advice for the break and other specialty shots. Demonstrates Exam II, the Skills Exam, in detail. Instruction, hot tips, and examples to do well. One hour and six minutes.