Don Feeney Videos on DVD

Sighting & Aiming
A complete discussion of aiming systems.   Including how to aim the cue, the double distance aiming system, the five major hits system, why you miss certain shots, why you rattle the ball in the pocket, and more.

The Diamond System
Clear explanations of the major systems.  Including how to use 2, 3, 4 and 5 cushions for position or kicking.   Clear and simple explanations to shots that can lock up your opponent or get you out of tough safeties.
Stroking & Advanced Cueing
Advanced stroking techniques.  Everything from holding the cue tightly and punching the ball to a complete release where you actually throw the cue at the ball.  This video covers all stroke types, and explains what to expect from each.
Cue Ball & Object Ball Behavior
Find out why you miss those shots!  Learn the effects of different cue balls, different types of cloth, and how different shots are affected by speed, English, and the elevation of the cue stick.
English in Position Play
All the nuances for advanced position play.  This video explains all effects English has on the cue ball and the object ball before and after contact. A must-have for players who want to control their position play at a high level of accuracy.
Systems on Rail Banks & Kicks
Advanced kicking techniques.  You have to know how to kick effectively if you expect to win with good players.   This tape will help you turn difficult banks and kicks into opportunities.
Winning Strategies for 8 & 9 Ball
Safety play & other strategies to win.  A must for league players, this video explains the Sid System, a good system for kicking to the short rail to hit precise spots on the long rail. Learn how to get "ball in hand" more often.
Advanced Practice Drills
In one remarkable day, Don “The Preacher” Feeney ran 152 balls, had a perfect rack of snooker, and ran eighteen 3-cushion billiards. This video contains the practice routines he used to achieve that phenomenal feat.

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